Will Microsoft ever get the internet?

I recently came across the Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 (SP1) that’s been released recently:

   Media Feature Pack download page

I’m having a quick look to see if it’s worth installing and read the opening page:

So let me get this right; In order to find out what’s in the Media Feature pack I have too:

  1. Copy the to the clipboard (as it’s not a link).
  2. Open a new tab and paste the link in.
  3. Bob back to the previous tab to copy the knowledgebase number, then.
  4. Bob back to the knowledgebase tab I’ve just opened.
  5. And paste the KB number into the search field.
  6. Click the search link.
  7. Find the knowledge base article from the results (granted it’s at the top).
  8. Read and enjoy

Microsoft.  May I introduce to you, the hyperlink?


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